Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2019

Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2019

*Important Update: Swift Performance is The Best WordPress Chace Plugin! It Surpassed WP Rocket*
Read About It Here: Swift Performance vs WP Rocket 2019
Greetings! welcome to a major contest. so, what is the best WordPress cache plugin? We are all gathered here today to answer that question. however, the answer to the question of what is the Best WordPress Cache  Plugin might not be soo simple. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

wp best cache plugin participants

  1. Swift Performance
  2. WP-Rocket
  3. WP Fastest Cache Free Version
  4. WP Fastest Cache Premium Version
  5. WC3 Total Cache

We can see 3 major cache plugin providers in this list. this list divides to their free and premium versions if existent.
And for the impatient ones among us, the winner is in the link below, if you don’t want to read the whole article due to the fact it’s extensive and long. I strongly advise that you do read this whole article to get a better understanding of caching solutions available for WordPress.


WP Rocket

I’m gonna start by saying I’m a little biased on this subject, first time I’ve used WP Rocket it changed my life 🙂 Remember I said an optimization plugin is a piece of the puzzle? well in our case WP Rocket can be a huge piece. sometimes a lifesaver, the closest thing to an optimization miracle there is.
First of all, you should know it is a paid plugin. Another downside is that it can be overwhelming. A ton of options are provided, furthermore is file permission errors present themselves due to wrong file permission configuration. The user will have to complete a few setting up options manually. Manually means accessing the .htaccess file and pasting code. in addition to that, you will have to perform some more tweaks.
Regardless of those cons, the magic it does worth it all, and it does it so perfectly. As mentioned above, a ton of options are provided. With the right settings, you’re set!
Some of its features, CSS, HTML, JS minification, file combination. caching for mobile & desktop, SUPER-CACHE, Image-optimization, lazy-loading and tons more. This plugin is least expected to break the layout of your site, still, BE CAUTIOUS.
take a look at a little screen from its setting page:
WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache
I will have an extensive guide for tweaking options with WP Rocket. But that is to come in the future 🙂

Get WP-Rocket With Discount

Let’s go over these settings:
Lazyload: WP rocket features an amazing lazy loading mechanism for site images and iframes. TURN this option ON. despite of this amazing feature, it can sometimes break image across your site, especially woocommerce product images. after turning this on be sure to check the site for broken images.
File Optimization: By default, you would like everything here to be checked. in reality and on some websites that’s just not an option. it’s not possible due to a site’s usage of js,css and the way it was enqueued and built. in some cases, you will have to drop one of these settings in correspondence to the things that are breaking. For example, if you have an owl carousel on your website and after turning these settings on the js isn’t working. most likely that it has been damaged by the compression of the plugin. just turn that specific compression off. in this example it’s JS.
Mobile Cache: Its one of the best features in WP Rocket and its almost flawless and works on almost every site without a glitch. You want this ON.
Logged In Cache: Yet another great feature, this feature allowing a global cache to be created for logged in user. This option is safe, you want it ON.
SSLCache: ON.
Emojis: If you have a heavy modified site with a lot of emojis, use this to optimize them to the WP default.
Cache Life Span: I would prefer more than 24. Unless your website has a lot of media content updated frequently. If it has leave it at 24.
I’m done with the basic settings, Moving on to the interesting things.

Wp Rocket EXTENDED Settings

This section is very complex, quite out of reach for none developers. I’m going to explain the most critical ones that even a none developer can set.
Static Resources: not much weight with the new HTTPS/HTTP protocols in place on most servers today. nevertheless, some page speed engines check it so you will check this box.
Reducing the number of minified files in one file: This one makes magic happen but also is the most likable to break your site. Use with caution.
Check it, afterwards go ahead and run down your site to see if everything is intact.

WP Rocket Database Tab

WP Rocket Features a database cleanup mechanism that is simply marvelous! This tab is quite simple, it’s more like a cleanup tab to reduce the trash that is piling up as you go. Check everything and if you like schedule auto cleanups.
WP Rocket db
As we can see up to this point, WP Rocket offers a ton of features to make your site load faster. however, we are not done yet! WP Rocket features a TOOLS section with a few utilities.

WP Rocket Tools

WP Rocket Tools
There are only 3 things I will cover here:

  1. Clear Cache: Clearing the cache once in a while manually if you see the site is getting slow.
  2. Purge OPcache: What is OPcache? OPCache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in shared memory, thereby removing the need for PHP to load and parse scripts on each request.In other words, a PHP script when it is executed is compiled into opcode, code that is understandable by the machine. OPCache stores this code into memory on the first execution, to be reused afterwards. thus leading to performance boosts.OPCache replaces APC, and is an alternative to XCache, as a PHP accelerator.WP Rocket enables me to reset the OPCache content easily if needed right from your WordPress admin bar.
  3. Preload Cache: Allows me to request a bot crawl to preload the cache (homepage and its internal links). You will usually click it after purging the cache.

As you can see, a strong choice, WP Rocket has the most solid base of these plugins. perhaps the bet in the wp best cache plugin guide.
Okay, we are finished with WP Rocket, let’s move on to WP Fastest Cache Free Version.

WP Fastest Cache Free Version

A pretty simple plugin. First of all its free, second of all, I find it better suited than its other competitors, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache.
The basic version provides desktop caching, minifies HTML & CSS, combines CSS &  JS. furthermore, it leverages browser caching.
The premium version extends cashing functionality even more.  features like: widget caching, mobile cache, Async options, image optimization and more.
All in all, it’s cute, not spectacular in my opinion. Many users complain about compatibility, it often breaks the layout of the site. Finally, what I can say from my experience as a developer working with it, if you are fine with ok go for it, if not wait for the next option.
Take a look of some of its options.

Let’s go over some of the features that are offered in the free version of WP Fastest Cache:

  • Desktop Cache: A normal caching system for desktop users. mobile caching isnt offered in the free version.
  • Minify HTML: A Minification to the sites HTML content. Nothing fancy here, pretty standard.
  • MINIFY CSS: Same as mentioned above, simple CSS minification. Can break site layout.
  • COMBINE CSS: CSS File combination to prevent multiple HTTP requests. Can break site layout.
  • COMBINE JS: Strangely JS minification doesn’t come with the free version, but JS Combination does. Most of the time this feature breaks sites with WP Fastest Cache.
  • GZIP: Standard GZIP
  • BROWSER CACHING: Luckily the free version does come with browser cache leveraging.

All in all the free version of this plugin is ok, definitely more efficient than WC3 Cache, but not as half as efficient as WP Rocket.
I know you are wondering to know who is the Best WordPress Cache Plugin, Let’s move on and find out.

WP Fastest Cache Premium Version

WP Fastest Cache Premium
The WP Fastest Cache Premium Version is bought within and after the installation of the free version. It unlocks the extended features the premium version of WP fastest cache has to offer its users. We are going to have a fast rundown on these features.
WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium

Fastest Cache Premium Features

Image Optimization: It provides a pretty straight forward image lazy load mechanism.
Mobile Cache: Fastest Cache Premium version enables mobile caching. this significantly improves page loading times on phones and nowadays a must-have feature on optimization plugins.
Minify HTML Plus: To be honest, even I don’t have a clue in regards what a “plus” feature on HTML minification means. furthermore, I couldn’t find any solid info on it worth mentioning in this post. If any of you guys find something feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below.
Combine JS Plus: Same as with the HTML Plus thingy.
Minify JS: This is a must, altho it sometimes breaks site layout. it comes without extra charge on other plugins. Wp fastest Cache JS minification process isn’t that high tech, it breaks things but less than Total Cache.
Deleting Cach Logs: In my opinion, this is just a plain money grab. cache logs don’t take a lot of weight. they are almost insignificant to optimization. Furthermore, you can delete those manually pretty easily. Don’t see a reason to charge extra for this option.
Cache Statistics: isn’t significant, I can see why they charge money for it, but I wouldn’t make it worth my while enough to pay for it.
All in all not a good value for money. In my opinion, if you want a free solution use WP Fastest Cache free version and that’s it. 

Finally, lets head on to our final participant in this contest for the best WordPress cache plugin!

W3 Total Cache Free

W3 Total Cache is a powerful caching plugin and has been around for some time. Mostly recommended by hosting solution providers as a built-in feature to sort of shut you up with the illusion of optimization. It has a big settings area with a lot of options to customize your caching. The plugin has a dedicated settings page for each type of caching which includes database caching, desktop cache etc.
This plugin comes with a ton of features, most of them do not work in a  clean way. i am not going to cover this plugin due to the simple fact I absolutely hate it. I don’t use it, and when I did encounter it, it wasn’t pretty.

In my general opinion

its way to complicated and sometimes its popups make you feel that your site has been infected by a virus. furthermore, instead of speeding things up it sometimes does the exact opposite and slows down the site. In addition to that you also feel it when browsing back-end dashboard pages. The simple fact at the end of the day that it’s too complicated for its own good and doesn’t get along with a long of major themes and plugins well.
The only reason its included in the Best WordPress Cache Plugin contest is due to the fact a lot of hosting providers still use it a lot, one of the reasons i listed above. Furthermore, its very old school and has been around for ages, most of us seasoned developers have worked and encountered it a lot in the past. In addition to that, most people didn’t care soo much up until recently. The big “optimization awareness” rose recently.
In my guess, it might stay with us for a bit longer or maybe forever but i cant see this plugin innovating in any way and standing up with the big league WP ROCKET.
3WC Total Cache settings page:
WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache MatchUp

All in all, not recommended to use.

W3 Total Cache Pro

The pro feature of this plugin includes the following features:

W3 Total Cache Pro features

Fragment Caching Social layer, personalization, and e-commerce etc are common elements of highly dynamic websites. That means that caching entire pages to improve user experience and performance is not a solution. Fragment Caching bridges the gap between no caching at all and the “ideal,” full page caching. By extending the WordPress Transient API, W3TC allows developers to bring both horizontal and vertical scale to bear without doing anything differently.
Extension Framework As mentioned above, extensions/add-ons represent a great opportunity to both de-bloat projects that solve many problems or address many use cases. It also allows for innovation as 3rd parties can make contributions without having to be a core project developer to contribute or solve their problems while maintaining the control they need. We’re excited for you to try this first iteration of our extension framework, and documentation can be found (for now) inside the plugin’s FAQ.
These features still do not change my opinion mentioned above. Would not recommend, nevertheless, if you want to buy and implement the pro feature visit this link(requieres code modification).

Best WordPress Cache Plugin : Winner !

So, what is the best WordPress cache plugin? The Best WordPress Cache Plugin for 2019 and Till this date is WP ROCKET. The elegance, simplicity, UI/UX, the advanced technology behind it, its efficiency and its dedicated team make WP ROCKET by far the Best WordPress Cache Plugin!
Click  there if you want the best for your site: Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2019  – WP ROCKET(AUTO-DISCOUNT)

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    I think overall it good for the WP community that there is now heated competition in the WP performance plugins space.

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