Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019

Hello guys and gals, welcome to the Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 guide. You are here because you want the Best Wp Rocket Settings. If you all remember I promised you the best settings for maximum site optimization. The following guide will cover all settings to make your site as optimized as you can with the power of this spectacular plugin.
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Lets Begin,  A quick rundown of the subjects we are going to cover:

  1. Downloading and Installing
  2. Basic Settings Explained
  3. WP Rocket Advanced Settings

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Downloading and Installing WP Rocket

In order to use WP Rocket, first of all, you need to purchase it here (DISCOUNT LINK PROMO PRICES INCLUDED)
Great, once you’ve completed the purchase you go to your account page on the site and download your very own copy of WP Rocket. Go to your WordPress dashboard and log in. afterwards, click the plugin menu item and choose: add new.
Click the upload button to upload your zip file containing the plugin itself. after clicking install the plugin will upload and you will be prompted to activate it.
Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019

At this stage, if your .htaccess and wp-config.php files have writing rules set on the server the plugin will automatically update its rules there. BUT, if these files don’t have writing permissions you will get an error:

Don’t worry folks, the solution is quite easy even if you’re, not a developer.


  1. Copy the code designated to be pasted in your wp-config.php file. access your site files via FTP or Cpanel/DirectAdmin. Carefully edit the wp-config.php file and paste this code, dont forget to save the file.
  2. Great, once we got that done, lets head over to the .htaccess file on your server. Be advised that ftp clients and sometimes cpanle/DirectAdmin panels hide this kind of files. You need to display them. How you ask? its different at each place but its quite easy. google your provider with the addition: “show hidden files”.

after these steps it will work !

WP Rocket Basic Settings

WP Rocket basic settings

Let’s go over these settings:
Lazyload: WP rocket features an amazing lazy loading mechanism for site images and iframes. TURN this option ON. despite of this amazing feature, it can sometimes break image across your site, especially woocommerce product images. after turning this on be sure to check the site for broken images.
File Optimization: By default you would like everything here to be checked. in reality and on some websites thats just not an option. it’s not possible due to a site’s usage of js,css and the way it was enqueued and built. in some cases, you will have to drop one of these settings in correspondence to the things that are breaking. For example, if you have an owl carousel on your website and after turning these settings on the js isn’t working. most likely that it has been damaged by the compression of the plugin. just turn that specific compression off. in this example it’s JS.
Mobile Cache: Its one of the best features in WP Rocket and its almost flawless and works on almost every site without a glitch. You want this ON.
Logged In Cache: Yet another great feature, this feature allowing a global cache to be created for logged in user. This option is safe, you want it ON.
SSLCache: ON.
Emojis: If you have a heavy modified site with a lot of emojis, use this to optimize them to the WP default.
Cache Life Span: I would prefer more than 24. Unless your website has a lot of media content updated frequently. If it has leave it at 24.
I’m done with the basic settings, Moving  on to the interesting things in the Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 guide:)

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019: Advanced Settings

This section is very complex, quite out of reach for none developers. I’m going to explain the most critical ones that even a none developer can set.
Static Resources: not much weight with the new HTTPS/HTTP protocols in place on most servers today. nevertheless, some page speed engines check it so you will check this box.
Reducing the number of minified files in one file: This one makes magic happen but also is the most likable to break your site. Use with caution.
Check it, afterwards go ahead and run down your site to see if everything is intact.
If you want to know what it does, well it basically combines all the css and js code of the theme and the plugins into 2 files to reduce server requests and response time.
here is the official explanation by the wp rocket team:

Note: I combine the minified files in little groups to ensure the best compatibility and better performance.
However, I can force the minification to create only 1 file by activating this option.

Warning: Depending on your server configuration, these options can break your website. If you have any issues, you must deactivate it!

Optimization Tabs

Media optimization
file optimization

file optimization

WP Rocket Database Tab

This tab is quite simple, it’s more like a cleanup tab to reduce the trash that is piling up as you go. Check everything and if you like schedule auto cleanups.
WP Rocket db

Let’s cover the TOOLS section.

WP Rocket Tools

wp rocket tools

There are only 3 things here:

  1. Export Settings: Back up your configuration.
  2. Import: Import Settings
  3. Rollback: Allows me to rollback to previous versions.

Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 Summary

Well, I don’t know about you, but for me, it was quite a ride. We didn’t cover the WP Rocket CDN Setup but that’s a story for another time. I hope the Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 guide helped you maximize optimization on your site. I will be coming back with the full WP Rocket CDN guide soon, I hope you enjoyed this Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 guide. There are more tabs but the ones that are covered are the most accessible to none developers and the most crucial ones.
If you would like to purchase this amazing plugin and didn’t do so already feel free to visit the link below.


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