Diagnose WordPress Performance Issues

Diagnose WordPress Performance Issues

The Diagnose WordPress Performance Issues article provides more of a checklist of things to do. WordPress performance issues can be hard to deal with. In addition to harming your search engine rank and user experience it also creates a big amount of frustration.
Without further delay, let’s get to our checklist!

First of all in order to get a little base for your work. You will go ahead and run your website trough GtMetrix or Pingdom for analysis. It can be done here:

After you did it, you should have a basic list of “demands”. The following list is my representation of the major key points you need to address:

  • Leverage browser caching
  • compress images
  • optimize image sizes
  • minify assets
  • compile all assets
  • add expire headers
  • set a site cache
  • use a CDN
  • defer js
  • remove unnecessary plugins and files
  • keep WordPress and all plugins up to date
  • Optimize actual page loading speeds
  • check and fix console errors
  • optimize DB queries
  • Optimize DATABASE
  • Install a WordPress optimization plugin

How Can I Get Help?

First of all, the simplest thing you can do I to install Swift Performance Plugin. It will auto-configure and will most likely resolve a  ton of things on that list. However, there are situations in which you will require professional help.
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How Can I Save My Website?! Nothing Helps.

If you reached a pickle, don’t get frustrated. Fix your problems today with our Professional WordPress Optimization Service! Allowing you to relax and make way for a professional to fix your performance issues.
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