Do Meta Tags Help SEO: True or false?

Hello Everyone! today I’m going to answer the question of Do meta tags help SEO. Meta tags exist from the dawn of SEO. They have seen up’s and down’s, nevertheless, they are here to stay, at least by the overall look of things.

This means if you do any kind of SEO or even Marketing work, you need to know the answer to this question. Before we begin i would like to point out some important Meta Tags:

  • Meta title
  • the meta description tag
  • robots tag
  • Open Graph tags
  • View-port tags
  • Canonical Tag

In addition to these tags there are a few more out there. However, these are the crucial ones.

The relationship between meta tags and SEO

It’s already established that there is a relationship between meta tags and SEO. Meta tags have an impact on SEO. Let me explain why.

If we take a look on meta tags from an SEO point of view than, in general, metadata allows us to pass & define data, in addition to that, it helps to point the search engine bots to the right places and directives to fetch the proper data as most efficiently as it can. This is where some of the meta tags come into play. Meta tags like meta title, meta description, and even the robots tag.

In short, let me give you a simple example, We can compare the importance of meta tags to search engine bots with the help of the following scenario: When you were a kid learning how to ride a bike. You probably used training wheels at first. the training wheels helped you get acquainted and familiarized with the bike and how to handle it. Hence, think of meta tags as micro bits of data – “training wheels” for search engine bots such as Google. Now, it’s all well and nice, however, this means we need to keep things kosher with the meta tags. That is if we ever want to rank up properly.

meta tags example

meta tags seo example

If you take a look at the example you can see the meta title and meta description.

To sum up and answer the question of Do Meta Tags Help SEO

Do meta tags help in SEO, true or false?

Definitely Yes! it’s true. Even in 2019, Meta tags have a big impact on SEO. If you want to know more feel free to read a few of my other articles on this subject here: SEO And Meta Tags On Websites In addition to this one as well: SEO Meta Tags Best Practices Explained. If you want to hear what Google has to say about it, visit Google’s Official page on meta tags: Meta Tags For Google

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