Hostinger vs Hostgator MatchUp Article

Hostinger vs Hostgator MatchUp

Welcome to my fourth article regarding hosting services. Over the years the insane growth in the digital ere called upon hosting providers to step their game up. There are a lot of high end to low end hosting providers. In this article, you will witness the battle between Hostinger vs HostGator Hosting Plans.
A quick side note,  I would like to point out the fact that this comparison article is combined with my personal experience as a developer working in different hosting environments and providers.


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Hostinger vs Hostgator

Without further delay, let’s begin with Hostinger.


Hostinger is based in Lithuania. It has data centers in 3 major continents:

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Asia

Furthermore, some plans offer free SSL. In addition to that, all server run SSD disks. Hostinger runs a modified version of cPanel that allows the webmasters to do all the standard things plus extra. Extra features include things like daily backups, server-side cache management, auto installation apps and more.
Major PROS:

  • 3 Data Centers To Choose From.
  • SSD Disks
  • Free SSL
  • Cheap Price
  • Nice Quality For Value
  • 30 days Money Back Guarantee

Major CONS:

  • Slow Support Response.
  • Bad reputation, you hear a lot of people speak poorly on Hostinger.
  • Isn’t quite equipped to handle big data apps. Most likely you won’t see a major platform hosted there.

Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans

SINGLE SHARED HOSTING Priced At 2.15$ Per Month And Offers The Following:

Hostinger vs Hostgator hostinger basic plan
Pretty basic stuff in my opinion. You won’t be able to pull a lot with this plan.
PREMIUM SHARED HOSTING Priced At 3.49$ Per Month And Offers a Bit More:

Now with this package, we are talking business. A good value for the price indeed. Furthermore, its the most popular plan.
The Last Plan Is STARTUP Priced At 15.90$ Per Month And It Is The Biggest Shared Hosting Plan Hostinger Has To Offer:
Hostinger vs hostgator hostinger biggest plan

As mentioned above this is the biggest shared hosting plan Hostinger has to offer. This plan offers some kick to your web app/blog. hence the steeper price in comparison to the other two plan. yes, seems like there is a big difference in price.
Now that we have covered Hostinger, let’s move on to Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans.


Hostgator is a US based company, it was founded by Brent Oxley way back in 2002. If you do the math it sums up to 16 years of operation. Furthermore, Hostgator has a strong basis and reputation in the Web community, Its one of the biggest hosting companies to date.
Nevertheless, they haven’t forgotten their customer service and support. Hostgator tries to deliver fast support and quality customer service despite the size of the company. Regardless of that, it doesn’t always mean that they live up to their goals.

Hostgator Services & Plans

At the time of writing this article Hostgator provides the following services to clients:

  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Domain Registration

Let us cover its WordPress Hosting Plans, shall we?

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Plans

Before we get started, Hostgator doesn’t host WordPress sites on a regular shared-hosting server. Instead, It uses Cloud-Hosting for WordPress based websites.

Starter Plan ( BASIC PLAN )

  • 1 Site
  • 100K Visits Per Month
  • 1GB Backups
  • SSL Included

Price: 5.95$

Standard Plan ( MOST RECOMMENDED )

  • 2 Websites
  • 200K Visitors Per Month
  • 2GB Backup Space
  • Free SSL Included

Price: 7.95$

Business Plan ( BIGGEST PLAN )

  • 3 Websites On One Account
  • Up To 500K Visitors Monthly
  • 3GB Of BackUp Space
  • SSL Included As Well

Price: 9.95$

Cloud Hosting For WordPress – 2.5X Faster

  • Experience up to 2.5X faster load times due to supercharged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers
  • Your website content is managed more efficiently, enabling dynamic content requests to be processed lightning-fast
  • WordPress Cloud hosting turbocharges your website!

Finally, let’s have our last words on Hostgator. despite everything said above, Hostgator is considered a mid-end hosting provider. You usually won’t see Big Data Apps hosted on it. Instead, you will most likely see Blogs, E-shops, Portfolio Sites and things like that. All in all its a steady hosting provider with decent support around the clock and nicely optimized servers for small to mid-end websites.

Hostinger vs Hostgator: Winner

So who is the winner in this battle: Hostinger Vs Hostgator? It is a hard battle indeed, both hosting providers are in the same range. Low to Mid end class. In addition to that, they both provide cheap price, good quality for value and good support. nevertheless, there is a slight difference in prices. Hostgator is a bit more expensive. This price difference is insignificant in my opinion.
Finally, I would like to say that it a tie! In my opinion, they are both matched. If you are looking for cheap, reliable hosting plans without breaking your budget, just choose between these two 🙂

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