How To Choose A WordPress Theme 2019

How To Choose A WordPress Theme

If you are aking your self how to choose a WordPress theme then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s world, tens of thousands of themes are available on various theme marketplace platforms. platforms like: ThemeForest or TemplateMonster.
Resulting in a theoretical situation that will take days finding the right theme for you. Choosing the right theme for you is critical. It can be the difference between success and failure. Before buying a theme, or investing your time in customizing one I’m going to give you my DO’s and DONT’s when choosing a WordPress theme.
As mentioned above, this subject is very crucial, I hope this article will point you in the right direction. Without further ado, let’s get to it.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme

There are a few key points you need to keep to when choosing the right WordPress theme.

How To Choose A WordPress Theme:

1. Know What You Are Aiming For

Meaning, make a list beforehand, a list of the things your website will need. In addition to that think, how would you like things to look and feel. Moreover, list the functionality you would like to offer, for instance, if you’re interested in developing an online e-commerce store then you need a theme with e-commerce functionality.
In performing this procces you automatically eliminate thousands of unnecessary options. Thus, saving time and obtaining true focus. I know that this step might sound pointless to some of you but do not underestimate it. It’s one of the most important ones.

2. Don’t Choose An Overloaded Theme

one of the most important DONT’s. On your journey and research in choosing the right WordPress theme, you will most likely encounter stunning overloaded themes with a butt load of animations and page effects.
This doesn’t come without a price, most of the themes will result in heavy loaded sites and a huge CPU usage. I have a rule of thumb here for you, Don’t get distracted (that’s where, if you performed step 1, you will be able to retain focus on the true goals.), Meaning, know what you need, don’t be tempted by these sort of themes if you don’t what they offer(And in most cases, you won’t).

3. Make Sure The Theme Is Responsive

While searching for themes, before you make a final decision, make sure every part of the theme is responsive. Because, if it’s not, you will have to get a developer to help in adjusting it/ theme support.

4. Theme Colors & Fonts

Another important part of websites is its colors and fonts.  websites with bad color patterns and hard to read font will result in a low converting site. Users will not find it inviting. Make sure the colors are elegant, clean and easy for the eye. Furthermore, make sure the fonts are easily readable.
I don’t understand, I have no experience in this/I’m not a designer, How can you make sure?
Well, it’s pretty easy, take yourself as an example, in addition to your own opinion, present the theme to your colleagues/friends and ask their opinion. If it’s not convenient for most of you than its not convenient period.

5. Perform A Thorough Check Before Buying

My final advice to you is to take the time and pass, page by page, check for errors, bugs for yourself. Furthermore, if it possible and the theme builders provided a demo installation, you can test the URL of the theme installation at page speed engines!
However, some themes present static pre-written HTML pages as a demo, not a real installation. Meaning, you cant conclude the page speed because of the simple fact that they aren’t connected to a real CMS. Instead, they are static HTML pages for displaying the demo pages. Keep in mind, this isn’t necessarily a bad sign.

Final Words

We have reached the end of our article. I hope I managed to point you in the right direction. By doing so, making the process a lot simpler for you. Furthermore, if you are looking for themes there are only 2 places I get my themes from, they are:

I don’t usually use themes, due to the fact I practice from scratch development. However from time to time, when a client asks I do use themes. They are my favorite ones, great themes, great prices, and awesome support. Finally, if you would like to read more about themes, you can another article I wrote about Woocommerce theme: Best Premium Woocommerce Themes

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