How To Improve WordPress Performance

How To Improve WordPress Performance

If you ever wondered How To Improve WordPress Performance you’ve come to the right place. If you have a website you surely encountered performance issues somewhere along the line. While some of us maintain a strongly optimized WordPress system, others might even not realize its importance of it. Thus, not even trying to combat the problem.
In short, this results in bad user experience across your platform. In addition to a high bounce rate. This and more finally translate to :

  • Less Or no leads at all
  • Super low organic ranking
  • Losing the chance to ever rank up on search engines.
  • user complaints
  • bad experience across your site.

The reasons listed above are the biggest reasons for slow and dying traffic. Lets put it simply:
Poorly Optimized Site->Bounce Rate Increasing -> User complaints on the sites performance -> Even Higher Bounce Rate  -> Google Search Engine Rank Drop -> Traffic Slows Down -> No hits -> Even Lower On Ranking. = No Traffic = Dead Website = No money.

This formula above describes the downfall process of poorly optimized websites. Now don’t be frightened, this does not happen over-night. In order for a website to reach soo low to the point of partiel, no return will take some time. Furthermore, you should know that if you fall from Google’s grace, you might not even rise back to your former position…And ranking higher than you were is a distant fantasy from the spot you got into.

 So what?! We Have Paid Ads and Facebook Ads!… NO Organic Traffic Matters!

Organic traffic is the backbone of everything. They are still considered to be, up to this date, the strongest hits there are. Organic Search Traffic is the most powerful of all Traffic types. Its indeed an interesting topic to discuss. Unfortunately, we will not discuss this today. Due to the fact, it will get its own spot soon and its a different topic.
Now that we covered a little introduction. Let’s dive deeper.

How To Improve WordPress Site Performance

Okay, we reached the million dollar question. how to improve WordPress site performance? In this section, I will pinpoint specific subjects that can help you with this. Optimizing WordPress sites can get tricky. especially if you keep to WordPress Performance Optimization Best Practices and avoid bad ones.
Let’s Begin. Key Points To Help Restore Your websites glory:

  • Keep all plugins updated to the recent version
  • keep WordPress version up to date
  • Leverage browser caching
  • enable server GZIP
  • minify assets
  • defer js
  • avoid excessive plugin use
  • pay for a custom developed theme rather than a stock one
  • if you use a stock theme make sure it’s optimized before you buy it
  • optimize images and iframes
  • compress images
  • apply some HTACCESS magic with the help of a developer
  • check DB queries and optimize them
  • clean unnecessary scripts and styles
  • use a CDN
  • pick a solid hosting plan
  • install a caching plugin such as Swift Performance or WP Rocket
  • Use a WordPress Optimization Service do to the hard things for you!

Improving WordPress Performance

Now I know some of those things seem impossible to you. Firstly, I would strongly recommend that you stop everything now and go get an optimization plugin. Install and configure it.
Use My tutorial for configuring WP Rocket here: Best Wp Rocket Settings For WordPress 2019 . Oh, Swift Performance doesn’t need one. It does everything automatically.  I know, awesome right?
Anyway, now that we got that handled. If you are a Developer and you know your stuff, Go ahead and use this list as a checklist. After you are done, and assuming you did everything right, You should fly like a rocket. However, If you’re, not a developer. There is no way you can handle this by yourself. Furthermore, there are situations that no plugin can fix. Dire and complex situations which in with a developers help is required to efficiently and correctly solve the problem.

if You’re a developer

Finally, I have a developer ultimate WordPress optimization Guide Here: WordPress Performance Optimization. This guide is more development oriented. Web developers will be able to make better use of it. However, if you are not a web developer, you are welcome to read it, but it won’t help you much.

In Conclusion of How To Improve WordPress Performance

to sum up, I hope my point went across. WordPress Site Optimization is a crucial part of your websites life. Don’t fall to this dire situation, to begin with. Keep a clean and well-optimized platform. If you somehow found your self in a pickle, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly help.
If you want to try to do things by yourself. I suggest you make a back up of your WordPress website before you get started. Why? Well, you mess something up you will always be able to bring it back with much effort. However, if you won’t have a backup, and you mess something up, well… it’s done and you need to fix whatever it is you mess up.


You can measure your website’s performance with the help of online tools such as Pingdom or GtMetrix.

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