Mailpoet Pricing Plans [Premium Included]

Hello everyone, in this short article I’m going to explain the Mailpoet Pricing Plans. Altho quite simple in nature, it gets a bit tricky with the “SENDING” feature involved.

First of all, if you’re not familiar with Mailpoet and its amazing features. Then, feel free to read my complete article on it here: MailPoet WordPress Email Marketing & Newsletters. Now, without any further delay, let’s dive down.

Mailpoet Pricing: Mailpoet Premium

First of all, you should know that you can grab the Premium version of Mailpoet with the “SENDING” function for FREE. However, there is one condition, it’s limited to 1000 subscribers. Now, if you’re running a very small operation and this suits you, go right ahead and grab your version of Mailpoet Premium at their official page right here.

What is the “SENDING” thing they have listed?

In short, in order to send and receive emails, we need to have an email server and service. In WordPress, this comes in the form of the default wp_mail function. However, we have multiple ways of integrating external email providers( for instance: GMAIL).

What Mailpoet offers us is a way to send and receive emails with their email servers and services. This has quite a few advantages. However, we won’t go into those details in this article, it’s too much. Despite that, for those of you who want to familiarize themselves with the concept of How emailing works, visit my article here: WordPress SMTP: Guide & WordPress best SMTP plugins.

To sum up, its an advantage in almost all cases.

Mailpoet Pricing Plans

The Paid version of Mailpoet premium are divide into 2 segments:

  • With Sending
  • Without

Plans With Sending Services

You can pay for these types of plans yearly or monthly, the difference is about 17% – 18% between the two of them. For instance: Let’s say I want a Mailpoet Premium plan with sending up to 2000 subscribers.

On one hand, if I pay monthly this will cost me: 25 Euros a month. On the other hand, if I choose the same plan but pay yearly, it will cost me: 21 Euros a month.

Moreover, the prices vary depending on the number of subscribers you wish to cover. That is all. Get your plan here, click pricing.

Plans Without Sending Services

These are Premium plans that come without the sending service and are priced at fixed rates. This is a way to save some money if you plan on integrating your own Email infrastructure using Gmail or any other host you have or plan on using.

  • Blogger License: 1 Website – 149€
  • Freelancer License: 4 Websites – 249€
  • Agency License: UNLIMITED WEBSITES + Free Sending service for 1000 subscribers – 334€ ( On sale right now, instead of 499€)

As you can see, its a one-time fee for these plans. Get them here.

Final words

I hope you found this information useful. Moreover, you should know that Mailpoet has a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of their plans, no questions asked. Meaning, if you buy it and end up not using it or disliking it, you can get a refund. This only shows Mailpoet has great confidence in their product.

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