Managed Woocommerce Hosting

The Benefits Of Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Welcome! Today I’m going to talk about The Benefits Of Managed Woocommerce Hosting. What I Managed Woocommerce Hosting you ask? Well, one of the things we are going to cover is just that. In addition to that question, we are going to cover the benefits you get while tunning this kind of a plan.

Managed Woocommerce Hosting?

I will explain. In contrast to the mainstream method of WordPress Woo stores management and deployment. This method utilizes an all in one package for your store’s needs. Meaning, Setting up a Woocommerce store isn’t easy at all. even if you use a stock ready theme, You still got a lot on your plate before you can launch.
Some of the thing you need to think about:

  • Store design and theme
  • Store management
  • The logistics – setting up product variations, coupons and more
  • Hosting and domain setup
  • Payment method provider
  • Needed and core plugins for a Woocommerce store.
  • Forms and newsletters
  • site optimization
  • content(products upload)
  • social setup
  • server security configuration
  • server backup setup
  • building pop-ups and custom feel
  • Making your website more appealing and converting(by nicely designed pages)
  • track conversions and sales properly.

to sum up, this is just a short list of things you need to consider before you go ahead and launch your WordPress Woocommerce store. It can get very overwhelming. However, if you’re a developer that’s all doable for you without much effort. On the other hand, what happens if you’re not a developer and you want to set up your own online store?
This is where various E-commerce Managed Platforms Come in.
There’s one you surely heard of, its called SHOPIFY. Yeah, you heard it right. If you didn’t know, Shopify Is a managed e-Commerce Hosting Platform. In short, all in one solution for an online store.

Okay, What Does That All Mean?!

In short, it’s like a plug-play solution. You don’t have to worry about the “logistics” of setting up a hosting and an online shop. Someone does things for you! As mentioned above, a great example of such a platform is Shopify.

WordPress Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Our Niche here Is WordPress. In our case, this is we can choose similar plans for our platform. You should know that there are quite a few out there for WordPress. Up until recently, no one heard about those that target Woocommerce users. Its all rather new in WordPress.However, you can find veteran and reliable companies in this field.

The Benefits

Let me talk about the general benefits of using such services.
The First and most noticeable and obvious on is  The Hosting Plans decision. We all know that in today’s world you simply must have a solid start with a strong hosting plan. Some Providers offer their managed hosting plan automatically on CLOUD SERVICES. This is a big plus. In contrast to old school hosting services, CLOUD SERVICES ACT DIFFERENTLY, USUALLY RESULTING IN A FASTER WEB PLATFORM.
Following our first benefit, let’s talk about the second one. They save you the hustle of having to configure all server settings. For a developer, this might be an easy task. However, if you’re not a developer this will be nearly impossible for you to do right without a long tutorial or help.
The third and obvious benefit is saving you the trouble of setting up a DATABASE and Deploying a WordPress installation. an inexperienced user will have a hard time here. On Managed platforms, this is done for you. After they set up your plan they generate everything and the only thing that is left for you is to log in.

Even More Benefits…

In addition to the things we covered above, running a Managed Hosting Plan allows you to concentrate solely on your content. Meaning, You get everything the system needs to start selling! These things include core plugins, payment providers, social sharing, pop-up modules, page-builder, cart features, checkout, and a ton more features.

Security & Optimization

Most Managed Hosting Plan Providers feature their solutions for built-in security and site optimization. In most simple cases you will get some sort of stock caching and security plugins. The free versions. On the other hand, some providers definitely go the extra mile and create built-in solutions for Optimization and security. This is done in addition to providing you to the PRO features of premium plugins for free. This is obviously better than the first option.

SEO Ready

If a provider respects itself it will feature an SEO Ready platform with the best-optimized SEO Settings ready for you.

My Opinion

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits of running a Managed E-commerce service. This solution is a great choice for people who aren’t developers but want to set up their own store online easily. As simple as that.

My Recommendation?

Well, if you aren’t a developer, This is a great choice for you. Everything is done for you, leaving you to deal with your custom content. If you were to do it alone you would require developer help. In this field, I can only recommend Liquid Web Woocommerce Managed Hosting Plans.

Liquid Web Woocommerce Managed Hosting Plans.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting – A fully-managed all-in-one solution for high-performing WooCommerce stores. The platform that scales as you grow.

Liquid Web is one of the strongest and oldest hosting providers out there. Their reputation is SOLID as it gets. Recently Liquid Web started offering Woocommerce Managed Hosting Plans Starting at $39/mo.
Liquid Web Provides the strongest site of Managed hosting plans. Some of the features they offer:

  • Strong CLOUD servers
  • Fully SEO Friendly & Optimized Woo Store
  • Built-In Site and Image Optimization Solution – Very Cool thingy, I tried it myself recently.
  • All in one solution – ALL CORE AND WOO PLUGINS READY FOR USE!
  • Customize the look and the feel – they feature a ton of themes and content customization choices.
  • 24/7 Support Team – an excellent feature.
  • Backups implemented daily
  • Free SSL Cert Included
  • Abandoned Cart by Jilt
  • Free Site migration service – They Help you migrate your site for free!

Okay, now that we know what they provide, let’s go ahead and TEST DRIVE the most BASIC plan in their arsenal: The Beginner Plan, priced at 39$ a month.
Environment: Astra Theme + 7 CORE PLUGINS(Woocommerce Included + Stripe & Paypal Payment Gateway)
Okay, The first thing I went away and did is a simple page speed test for the site I got deployed with my Beginner Plan. This is the result by Pingdom:
 best managed woocommerce hosting

After this, I Thought to myself, too good to be true. Let’s try GtMetrix. I stand corrected, This is the results by GtMetrix:
Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Well, In regards to optimization and page speed they rock. No complaints there. Let’s move on.


One of the other things I did is check the security of the sites by trying to inject scripts. Furthermore, I went ahead and tried to crawl the site for any fields and breaches I can exploit. However, my examination revealed no breaches I could exploit at the time of writing this article. I literally couldn’t find a thing. In addition to Liquid Webs active defense,  each Managed hosting comes with iThemes Security PRO! Furthermore, it allows you to set up 2FA on WordPress. Make no mistake, it’s not perfect, it can do a little better, however for a managed hosting that’s an A for security. You are safe.

Responsive Design & Mobiel Ready

I tried out several themes they offer. Al is 100% mobile ready and responsive.

Theme Customization

The plan includes Beaver builder and some other cool extension that let you add awesome features for your site. Features like: PopUp, product tabs, forms, newsletters and a lot more. Ths Is done easily.

Support And DashBoard

The Liquid Web Managed Woocommerce Hosting dashboard is innovative and slick. Furthermore, they offer support from all channels of direct communication.

  • Live Chat
  • Support Call
  • Email

The Dashboard lets you create backups, manage sites, settings, profile information and more. This is how it looks like:

LIquidWeb Dashboard

In Conclusion

To sum up, Well, I hope you enjoyed my article regarding Managed Woocommerce Hosting. I tried to list the key benefits of such plans. Moreover, I tried to provide you with my opinion and some basic tests I ran on their Beginner Plan.

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Managed WooCommerce Hosting by Liquid Web – Starting at $28/mo

EXTRA:WordPress Performance Optimization

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