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Meteor WordPress Starter Theme

WordPress bootstrap Starter Theme

wordpress bootstrap starter theme

Introducing Meteor, the best WordPress Starter Theme for developers! Meteor is a super lightweight WordPress bootstrap starter theme. Moreover, it comes built-in with all the essentials. In addition to some security tweaks.

Finally, it also comes RTL ready.

While building meteor, one of the key ideas guiding me was saving time. I thought to myself, what is the most basic setup I can have and save the maximum amount of time when starting new WordPress theme projects? I wrote a lightweight and super optimized WordPress bootstrap 4 starter theme.

WordPress Starter Theme For Developers

best wordpress starter theme

A Secure & Agile WordPress Starter Theme. This theme provides a basic WordPress development setup. As developers, we are all familiar with the pre-development time that is spent on projects while creating a set up for theme development. We perform a basic list of things, for instance:

  • Enqueuing scripts and styles
  • defining constants to work with
  • restricting usage of rest API
  • including bootstrap and other libs
  • creating the folder and file structure
  • Preparing an RTL version

and more tasks. The Meteor Starter Theme comes with all of these set up for you. As a developer, I want my starter theme to be well structured and understood. Hence, I’ve combined a few key features Meteor comes with.

Meteor Features

  • RTL Ready And Translation Ready
  • LightWeight: only 90Kb
  • Secure
  • Licensed under the GNU, Free for life 🙂
  • Bootstrap 4 CSS Included
  • Main Javascript file enqueued and ready
  • Main CSS file enqueued and ready
  • Constants defined for easy usage while developing.
  • REST API restricted for security reasons, ONLY LOGGED ON USERS

As you can see, I kept it clean. I only included features that are essentials. furthermore, you should know that I didn’t include BOOTSTRAP JS, only the CSS. Why? we seldom use it on projects. If you like, you can easily enqueue it yourself.

To sum up with one sentence, Ultimately all of this allows us to save time while developing WordPress themes. Moreover, it provides a solid base for your theme.

Finally, if you want to get it, visit the official GitHub here.

EXTRA: If you like to read on WordPress subjects, you can do so here.

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