SEO And Meta Tags On Websites

Hello Everyone, today I’m going to talk about SEO and meta tags on websites. If you don’t know what a meta tag is, fear not, we will cover this too. In addition to that, we will talk about optimized SEO meta tag keyword and how meta tags impact SEO.

What are meta tags in SEO

In order to answer this question, let’s think about meta tags as micro “helper” tags. They help the search engine bots to understand what is the page/post about. Moreover, it makes crawling and indexing your site in a better manner.

Furthermore, you should take it into consideration that if you rank up Google might show these tags on the search result page. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out there are a lot of meta tag types. Some are more crucial than others.

Are they important?

Well, let me tell you about a time, a long long time ago… (star wars reference right there 🙂 )

Once upon a time, meta tags had a bigger impact on your website’s overall SEO score and rank. However, came the time of affiliate marketers who raided this feature and abused it. How So you ask? It was at the time that affiliate marketing had an insane growth, resulting in marketers pumping useless, spam and unrelated meta into articles.

This, of course, resulted in madness, on worst cases you would reach a spam page which is completely unrelated to what you were searching for. The final aftermath was that Google put a stop to it once they had enough. The impact of meta dropped. However, its been some time since then.

META TAGS regained a lot of their former juice. I Can state as a fact that today they have a big impact on your SEO, don’t abuse them. A case study will be published on this.

Lets take a look at the following image, it displays an example for a meta tag called “meta description”:

importance of meta tags

As you can see from this image, the meta description is something that is displayed on Google’s search result page. Don’t underestimate the importance of proper metadata.

Meta tags best practices

After we covered some intro data lets talk about the best practices when creating metadata. I’m going to keep this simple, keep to these key points for proper construction of metadata and you will be alright.

  • Metadata needs to be content related – can’t stress this enough, don’t try to inject unrelated data, due to the simple fact Google will find out, and the user base you will accumulate will be temporary and angry.
  • Keep it to the point, write a summarized metadata
  • don’t overdo it
  • Make sure to include some of your article keywords into the metadata.

As you can see the key point to maintain proper metadata is pretty simple. However, if you seek a deeper understanding of meta tags, feel free to visit this article: SEO meta tags best practices and the W3 explanation of HTML <meta> Tags here.

To sum up

Well, we reached the end of this article. I hope i shed some light on the subject of meta tags. As always, if you have some questions or insights, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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