SEO Meta Tags Best Practices Explained

Hello Everyone, today we are going to talk about SEO meta tags best practices and how to use meta tags for SEO. If you don’t know what meta tags are, you should check out my intro article here: SEO And Meta Tags On Websites.

Lets cover the simple and and main meta tags you have at your disposal.

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • WordPress Post Tags(not quite meta tags, however, I will cover them)

How to use meta tags for SEO

Meta tags are printed in the <head> section of our website. Lets take a look at some Open Graph meta tags for instance:

How to use meta tags for SEO

In the case displayed above, you can see OPEN GRAPH meta tags. Open graph tags are used for social network integration. Now I don’t expect you do know what they are, I just displayed this example so you can understand the meta tags aren’t limited to meta title and meta description as many people believe. IN fact, they have a wide variety of usage.

The Title Meta Tag

The first tag i want to show you is the title tag, very straight forward.Take a look at my screenshot here:

meta title

The Meta title is the text which is portrait at the top of your browser. A very important feature, especially on article pages. In 99.9% cases the title of the article will be the pages meta title.

Meta Title Best Practices:

  • Keep it contained on your niche
  • make sure the meta title matches the subject you are writing about
  • Make sure your articles display the article title as the meta title


  • Integrate titles with a lot of numbers
  • inject unrelated keywords to the title

To sum up this part of the article, you can see for yourself. The guidelines I presented are pretty simple, try to keep to them. However, if you have any questions regarding meta titles, you can post them at the comment section below. Finally, let’s move on to the Meta Description Tag.

Meta Description

The Meta description is what shows up on Google’s search results. For instance, lets take a look at the following image:

importance of meta tags

As mentioned above, you can see that Google draws the information defined as META DESCRIPTION and displays it as a summary of the search result. You can conclude for yourself that this is extremely important! Let’s talk about the
meta description best practices.


  • Provide a summarized text yourself.
  • Include keywords inside the meta description


  • Same as with meta title, don’t inject spam or any other unrelated content.
  • Over specify, keep in mind that its a summary text, you don’t have to go wild there, keep its length in check. The recommended meta description character length is about 150/155 characters.

Now we covered the meta description tag. In addition to the tags mentioned above, there are a lot more types of tags and usage types. However, these two are the most commonly used by endpoint users and people who manage a blog.

In conclusion of SEO Meta Tags Best Practices

I want to thank you for tuning in, in this guide I tried to point out a few important meta tags and their best practices. I hope my article helped you out. Finally, I would like to point you out to Google’s article on meta tags here: Meta tags that Google understands

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