Swift Performance vs WP Rocket 2019

Swift Performance vs WP Rocket

Welcome to Swift Performance vs WP Rocket! I’m very excited in regards to what is going to happen next. Most of you know, used or heard about WP Rocket. Its been around for a while and its the king in its field. However, While most of us were using WP Rocket, a new player stepped up to the playing field. That player is Swift performance by SWTE Plugins.
My article will feature the pros&cons and ultimately the winner of this match. On one hand, we got the undisputed¬†Heavy Weight champion, WP Rocket. On the other hand, we got a challenger for the WordPress Optimization Heavy Weight Spot, Swift Performance ūüôā
Without any further delay, I will get started.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: December 2019: WP Rocket vs Swift Performance CASE STUDY with LIVE results from all major speed test engines. View it here: WP Rocket vs Swift Performance: Live Case Study

WP Rocket vs Swift Performance – FIGHT!

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The next parts of this section will contain all the factors you should consider when you compare optimization plugins. I will work with the scoring system. Each section will present a final score to be tallied in the final section.

File Minification

Both WP Rocket and Swift Performance feature a File MInification mechanism. However, while working with them I got the chance to see the actual differences between those two. I got to say that in this regard they are both quite equal. Both offer an amazing minification system.
WP Rocket Scores 5.
Swift Performance Scores 5.

File Combination

In order to reduce HTTP requests to your web server, optimization plugins feature a mechanism to combine all scripts and styles into a single file. Then this system delivers it to the user. I got to say the Swift Performance really made an effort here. However, they are still lacking in that regard. Meaning, Swift Performance File Combination Will be more likely to break your site layout than WP Rocket would.
If I had to calculate the difference, I would say there is a 10% chance that your site will be affected when using this feature with Swift Performance. 10% more risk than WP Rocket.
WP Rocket Scores 5.
Swift Performance Scores 4.


Aha, one of the most important parts of optimization. Well, both plugins feature a great implementation for lazy loading. Wp Rocket lazyloads images/iframes. Swift lazyloads images/iframes/scripts. WP Rocket has been out there for a while now. I got to say Swift made an amazing development that surpassed the one WP Rocket uses right off the bat. Swift Performance Wins in this feature.
WP Rocket Scores 4.
Swift Performance Scores 5.


Both Plugins offer a big variety of optimization settings. Even “Advanced” sections for more optimizing for experienced users. However, Swift Performance offers more features and options per feature comparing to WP Rocket. I won’t list the features of each one, it’s redundant. visit the site. However, for best results,  You can install them both and see for yourself.  Swift offers more flexibility in this regard.
WP Rocket Scores 4.
Swift Performance Scores 5.

UI/UX User-Friendly?

Both plugins offer a good UI/UX pattern. The interfaces are clear and convenient. However, Swift Performance offers a user-friendly auto-configuration wizard. Thus making your life easier. With WP Rocket there is no Configuration Wizard to auto-detect and set the best settings depending on its environment. These settings have to be set manually by you in the WP Rocket settings panel. Creating a try & error process until you get to the best settings for your site.
I would have expected from a Champion like WP Rocket to create a simple auto-configure Wizard a long time ago. That’s a shame that they didn’t.
WP Rocket Scores 4.
Swift Performance Scores 5.

Server Compatibility & CPU Load

An optimization plugin has a server-wide effect due to the nature of its work. It has to feature strong server compliance and compatibility. While testing both plugins I found out the Swift Utilizes more CPU Power. The difference between them isn’t big, but it exists. Meaning, WP Rocket is more server efficient. I imagine this is because they have been around for a while.
They had the chance to update their plugin and work with most major hosting providers. Swift is new, so it’s not in the same position compared to WP Rocket. However, I reckon it will catch up soon.
WP Rocket Scores 5.
Swift Performance Scores 4.

Third-Party Compatibility

WP Rocket has been around longer. Thus, it has more compatibility to widely used and popular plugins. However, this doesn’t mean that swift doesn’t. WP Rocket just has a little stronger basis here due to the fact listed above.
WP Rocket Scores 5.
Swift Performance Scores 4.5.


Its also a factor. I’m going to start off by saying that WP Rocket is more expensive. This is due to the fact their reputation and work is established and proved. Swift has yet to prove itself. It’s not renowned as WP Rocket is and not that used. However, this doesn’t mean its bad. Swift is just at its beginning. I reckon we won’t see these prices that they have now or long. They will get higher.
Moreover, Swift Performance does offer a free version! WP Rocket doesn’t. Meaning, you can start off by trying the free one. If all is good and you want to advance, get the paid one. With WP Rocket you have to buy it.
WP ROCKET: 49$, 99$, 249$
WP Rocket Scores 4.
Swift Performance Scores 5.


A good support team is a must feature. Both plugins offer a good support team. However, WP Rocket has been around for more time. They are better equipped to handle bugs and glitches. Resulting in a longer experience time for the guys at WP Rocket.
WP Rocket Scores 5.
Swift Performance Scores 4.5

Swift Performance vs WP Rocket: Winner

If you got this far, and if you tallied by yourselves, you can see it was a super close match. The Winner is Swift Performance. It scored 42!
WP Rocket is just behind with 41.

In conclusion of Swift Performance vs WP Rocket

Well, you have seen for yourselves. In addition to this article, I would like to express my personal opinion. You should know I’m an Official partner for them both.  I love both plugins, both are them are amazing. However, in the end, there can be only one Winner.
I love the underdog. Swift is definitely the underdog here. It’s new, not renowned and only taking its first steps out there. I think it’s great they offer a free version. A free version that is almost full as the paid one. You can check it out and then decide if you want it or not.
With WP Rocket you go to buy it and request a refund if you don’t like it. By the way, they both offer a money back guarantee.
The Swift Free Version: Swift Performance Lite
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Finally, I hope you enjoyed my Swift Performance vs WP Rocket article. Feel free to express your opinions in the comment section below.

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