WordPress Backup And Migrate

WordPress Backup And Migrate

Hey guys and gals,  welcome to my Wordpress Backup And Migrate article. If you ever wondered how to create a backup of your WordPress site. You’ve come to the right place. in this article, I am going to show you the simplest and best-practice methods in Backing&Migrating WordPress Websites.
In today’s reality, making sure your platform is backed up is very crucial. I will list a few main reasons for why you should back up your WordPress site(every site).

  • Revert in case of a bad update
  • If a hacker breaches your website and modifies the code.
  • In case of a bad plugin update messing with the layout of your site.

These are enough in order to understand the importance of regular backups.


Pretty simple here,

  • A move t a new hosting provider.
  • creating a staging environment for development.
  • copying a site layout as a base for another site.

the points listed above are the main reason you will want/have to migrate.

WordPress Backup And Migrate – How To Make A Backup Of Your WordPress Site

If you are running a WordPress website it is pretty easy to back it up without the help of a developer. In this section of the article, I’m going to list and explain a few main ways to Backup a WordPress installation. Including its Database of course. Let’s start from the simple to the hardest, shall we?

backup WordPress by the use of a plugin

This is pretty straight forward. In addition to being simple its also in most cases the fastest and simplest way to get the job done. In today’s Wordpress backup plugin scene there are quite a few good ones. However, we don’t have time to cover them all, we are going to talk about 2.

  • WP ALL IN ONE MIGRATION –  My personal favorite. this little devil backs up everything. In addition to that t also rewrites the URLs on the new domain. This saves you the hustle of doing it by hand. DataBase included. Furthermore, it features a ton of way of backup.(file,Dropbox etc).
  • Duplicator – My second option. Its similar to the one listed above but I like it less. It’s kinda my backup. WP All in one works well in 98% of the times. When it doesn’t I use Duplicator.

Visit WP All in one WordPress Plugin Page, Duplicator Plugin Page

Use your web hosts panel tools

In each Hosting Panel(DirectAdmin/cPanel) there are integrated backup options. Moreover, almost every hosting provider also implements the use f their custom back up solution. I seldom use this method due to the fact it’s almost absolute for me. I either use a plugin or do it manually.However, i will point a plus here, you can sec CRON-JOBS for auto backup.

Old School, The final resolution before going mad – Moving Manually

Well, some opt for this method as their first choice. I also do it very fast and sometimes opt in this method as my first as well. Nonetheless, when it comes down to extreme cases, such as:

  • big WP-CONTENT Folder size
  • An overload WordPress installation with a plugin power level of over 9000(a bunch of plugins)

These sites are more tricky. In most cases, you won’t be able to move them with the use of a plugin. They are too big.

How To Make A Backup Of Your WordPress Site

Well, now that we have established and demonstrated this fact let us run down the process of doing it by hand:

  • Make a zip of your wp installation folder. Do this by FTP or your web hosts panel.
  • once it’s done, download that file.
  • Log in to your database management and make a SQL export.
  • once it’s done, it will be auto-downloaded.

After these steps are complete, go ahead and log in to your new host panel.
Make an environment, upload and extract site zip. Furthermore, create a database and import your SQL into it. Finally, edit the home URL rows in the wp_options table to accommodate your new domain.

That’s It!

In Conclusion of Wordpress Backup And Migrate Article

Today I covered these simple principles and way of backing and migrating WordPress websites. Above all, keep in mind to start with the simplest and then scale to the hardest. However don’t be locked on this order, some situations will require the hard way, don’t be lazy and try the first ones, it won’t work. go for the third and do it once and right.
I tried to make it to the point, hoped you enjoyed it. See you next time!
By the way, if you’re into optimization you simply must check out my complete guy on this as well: WordPress Performance Optimization

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