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WordPress Caching Plugin

Hello, Welcome to my Wordpress Caching Plugin article! In this article, I will talk about the best WordPress cache plugins. There are 2 in my opinion who are worthy of note.

  • WP Rocket
  • Swift Performance

Caching Plugins

In today’s reality, we have a bundle of caching plugins built and designed for WordPress. Choosing one can be confusing in addition to time-consuming. While running WordPress platforms we often face optimization problems. These problems can drive one insane. If you’ve reached this article that means you know the significance of a good caching plugin for your WordPress website.
In addition to slow loading pages, poorly optimized websites are flagged by Google. Meaning, if your site is poorly optimized you will have a hard time ranking on search engines.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

If you don’t know them already, I would like to introduce:

  • Swift Performance
  • and Finally, WP Rocket

First of all, you can read an in-depth guide regarding them both here: Swift Performance vs WP Rocket 2019 as well as: WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin
Both plugins provide an amazing solution to optimization problems! Furthermore, every WordPress website has to have an optimization solution. If you have to pick one, choose one of these options.
To sum up the list of features, key features are:

  • CSS/JS File minification
  • Asset Combination
  • Lazyload System
  • CDN Support
  • Built-In Image Optimizer(Swift Only)
  • Site Caching/Browser Caching
  • Server GZIP Compression.
  • DataBase Cleanup Tools

This list is just a short list. These plugins offer so much more. So, when presented with a choice, Go with WP Rocket or Swift Performance. Moreover, you should know WP Rocket is a Premium Paid Plugin. Swift Performance as well. However, in contrast to WP Rocket, Swift also offers a free version.

In Conclusion

I hope my article helped you to make a choice. If you wish to get WP Rocket or Swift Performance, be sure to check out my dedicated Coupon pages here:

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