WordPress Permalinks Settings Explained

Hello everyone. Today I’m going to talk about WordPress Permalinks Settings. I will start off by saying that Permalinks are one of the most important things in WordPress. Moreover, you should have a solid understanding of what they are and how to leverage them for your advantage. Without further delay, let’s dive in.

What Are Permalinks in WordPress

WordPress Permalinks is just the tech term for URL Links. A Permalink structure refers to the URL naming system on your WordPress blog. To get a better sense of it, take a look at the screenshot below:

Wordpress permalinks

As you can see, the permalink is marked with a yellow background.

WordPress Permalinks Settings

Now that we know what permalinks are, we can go ahead and understand the type of permalink structures available for you in WordPress. Before that, you should know you can access Permalink Settings under the Settings->Permalinks Tab.

What Are Permalinks in WordPress

As you can see above, we have a few options:

  1. Plain
  2. Day and Name
  3. Month And Name
  4. Numeric
  5. Post Name
  6. Custom Structure

Lets briefly cover each of them.


A pretty default way to structure your links, not usually recommended, moreover, you won’t see this in widespread use. In short, it features the string “p” and the page/post id. Quite unorganized if you ask me.

2.Day And Name

Straight-forward approach, each page/post permalink URL is structured with the publish date followed by its name. This is slightly better than the first option. However, it’s not refined enough. Moreover, some argue attaching the post date to the slug/URL will help you in ranking. Keep in mind I don’t agree with this, the main consensus is that it’s not worth it.

3.Month and day

Quite the same as the option above, except, that instead of the day you have the month.


A simple approach, not used often as well. It features the category followed by the id of the page/post.

5.Post Name

This is the most used. Moreover, its the best and most recommended Permalink Structure.


A custom way to structure links. However, you wont need to use this feature. Unless, you have a custom development of custom made features.

WordPress Best Permalink Settings

As mentioned above, the best structure is option number 5. Using post names in permalinks is a best practice.


  • Clean and understood – you can understand where you at. This is the most friendly URL you will get.
  • Good for SEO – it’s friendly for us, it’s friendly for search BOTs as well. It keeps things clear and organized.

These are the main benefits of a proper WordPress permalinks structure.

Final Words

To sum up, “Post Name” is the recommended way for permalink structure. Moreover, if you change it, make sure you save the options, if you encounter problems, SAVE IT TWICE under the desired option.

Well, we reached the end of today’s article. I hope I helped you make sense of WordPress Permalinks. However, if something is still unclear, feel free to post your questions and opinions in the comment section below.

Finally, you can read the official WordPress documentation about permalinks here. Furthermore, you can read more about WordPress Topics here.

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