WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin

WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’m going to cover the 2 best  Wordpress Optimization Plugins to date.
If you run a website, then you must have heard about the important subject of Website Optimization. Website Optimization covers a few aspects of your site. If you are using WordPress an optimization plugin is simply a must today.
Without further delay lets go ahead and cover the two best options out there. If you stick till the end I got a little surprise for you as well.

 Wordpress Optimization Plugin

While running WordPress you have to options:

  • Swift Performance Plugin
  • WP Rocket

I’m going to say a few words on each of them.

Swift Performance Plugin

Swift Performance is the newest player out there. However, its amazing power got it to the top. In my opinion, this little guy surpasses the most popular one before it: WP Rocket.
Swift Performance comes built in with some powerful optimization features that WP Rocket doesn’t have :

  • Built-In Image Optimization Mechanism( Doesn’t Exist in WP Rocket)
  • Auto Configuration Wizard For Best Results (Doesn’t Exist In WP Rocket)

In addition to the expected features they both have, swift has the advantage. WP Rocket is lacking in an Image optimization tool besides its Lazy Load mechanism. On the other hand, Swift Performance comes with this built-in, in addition to its own lazyload system.
Moreover, Swift utilizes an auto-configuration wizard that can save you a lot of time! meaning, instead of try & error to achieve the best results with optimization settings (optimization plugins sometimes break site layout due to their nature of work). You get it done for you.
Finally, the best thing about it is its low price. Due to the fact, it’s not as renowned as wp rocket is, and newer, the prices are lower than WP Rocket. Moreover, they offer a free version that includes almost everything that the paid does.  That is in contrast to WP Rocket who offers only paid versions.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket has its hard-earned reputation. Its a veteran player in its field. You basically get better compatibility to third-party plugins. This is due to the fact it has been around for longer. Meaning, they had the chance to make it compatible with major third-party plugins. However, this doesn’t mean that Swift Performance is not compatible. It slightly utilizes more CPU Usage due to its aggressive caching nature.
WP Rocket has a more experienced support team. They come with the advantage of experience. They were here longer. However, you should know Swift Performance only came out recently and is already gaining up in popularity and usage.

In conclusion of the WordPress Speed Optimization Plugin

These are the only options I would recommend. Use WP Rocket or Swift Performance with your site. If you want to read more about them feel free to visit my article here: Swift Performance vs WP Rocket 2019


For the free Swift Performance version, just search it by the WordPress plugin repo. Or visit here: Swift Performance Lite
If you want to use swift Performance you can use my 40% off coupon here on all plans: Swift Performance Coupon 2019 40% OFF
If you want to use WP Rocket,  check out my coupon page here: WP Rocket Coupon Codes 2019

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