WP Rocket nulled – Why You Shouldn't

WP Rocket nulled Version

If you reached my article of WP Rocket nulled version, that means you were looking for a free and cracked version of WP Rocket WordPress Optimization Plugin. First of all, such versions exist on the internet.
In this article, I will point out a few things you should know before downloading a wp rocked nulled version.

nulled plugins

Let me explain the meaning of “nulled plugins”. Firstly nulled plugins are basically the same as the official version. However, the nulled versions were edited by various and usually unknown third parties. In order to provide the plugin free of charge, they edit the core plugin code. In doing so they remove the layers of security and license authentication. Resulting in a “free” version you can use. In doing so they provide a version Much like a “CRACK” file with old gamed if you can recall 🙂

Sounds pretty straight forward right?

Wrong! Let me tell you what usually happens to people who search for nulled plugins.
On one hand, In the best case scenario, you really get to a site without viruses and spam ads. you manage to download a nulled version of the plugin you were looking for. Finally, you install it. From this point on you are never safe. You don’t know what kind of code the third party might have planted. Even if they didn’t intentionally set up to hack your website, their code editing might leave security breaches for hackers to exploit. resulting in your site being hacked.
On the other hand, in the worst case, Remember when you were a kid, let’s say you were looking for a crack. Do you recall all the scam, spam, and malware websites? like, crack websites were always shady and never clean. You always wanted to get the crack fast and get out. It’s the same here.
Most of the websites providing such nulled versions utilize bad practices. Furthermore, you might even be a victim of crypto mining scripts while you are visiting their site. Finally, the worst part of this worst-case scenario. You got a nulled version with a back door implanted within, or js miner scripts that are gonna utilize 100% of your servers CPU and the site user’s CPU.
In short, HACKED. this is bad. Usually, this is what happens with nulled version. Furthermore, I hope my article will rank up high on google. So when you will search for a nulled version of wp rocket you will be lead here. I look at it as saving as many as I can from the damages and risks of nulled plugins. Trust me, you will thank me later.

In conclusion Of The  WP Rocket nulled Article

Finally, I would like to say, I hope I saved you from a cruel fate. I really do. It is absolutely important not to do these kinds of things. The damage you might inflict upon your self and your users is soo much bigger than the few bucks you will save. Don’t cheap out on Optimization, Hosting and security. This is the sacred triangle for a successful website.
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