WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium

WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium Match Up!

Long time no see guys and gals! I apologize for my absence, Welcome to yet another optimization match up guide, this time it: WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium. Some of you might remember we covered WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache free version here.
WPRocket vs Fastest Cache Premium Is a Comparison guide from my point of view, please feel free to comment your opinions and input below.
This guide is just a part of plugin optimization vs matchups.

  1. WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache MatchUp
  2. WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

This Guide Is An Opinion- Comparison Guide, Not A Usage Guide.
Without further delay, let’s get started!

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WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Premium

Both are optimization plugins, both do “things”, how do we choose? let’s review an opinion of mine those two.

WP Fastest Cache Free Version

A pretty simple plugin. First of all, it’s free, second of all, I find it better suited than its other competitors, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache.
The basic version provides desktop caching, minifies HTML & CSS, combines CSS &  JS. furthermore, it leverages browser caching.
The premium version extends cashing functionality even more.  features like: widget caching, mobile cache, Async options, image optimization and more.
All in all, it’s cute, not spectacular in my opinion. Many users complain about compatibility, it often breaks the layout of the site. Finally, what I can say from my experience as a developer working with it, if you are fine with ok go for it, if not wait for the next option.
Take a look of some of its options:

WP Fastest Cache Premium Version

WP Fastest Cache Premium
The WP Fastest Cache Premium Version is bought within and after the installation of the free version. It unlocks the extended features the premium version of WP fastest cache has to offer its users. We are going to have a fast rundown on these features.
WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium

Fastest Cache Premium Features

Image Optimization: It provides a pretty straight forward image lazy load mechanism.
Mobile Cache: Fastest Cache Premium version enables mobile caching. this significantly improves page loading times on phones and nowadays a must-have feature on optimization plugins.
Minify HTML Plus: To be honest, even I don’t have a clue in regards what a “plus” feature on HTML minification means. furthermore, I couldn’t find any solid info on it worth mentioning in this post. If any of you guys find something feel free to enlighten us in the comment section below.
Combine JS Plus: Same as with the HTML Plus thingy.
Minify JS: This is a must, altho it sometimes breaks site layout. it comes without extra charge on other plugins. Wp fastest Cache JS minification process isn’t that high tech, it breaks things but less than Total Cache.
Deleting Cach Logs: In my opinion, this is just a plain money grab. cache logs don’t take a lot of weight. they are almost insignificant to optimization. Furthermore, you can delete those manually pretty easily. Don’t see a reason to charge extra for this option.
Cache Statistics: isn’t significant, I can see why they charge money for it, but I wouldn’t make it worth my while enough to pay for it.
All in all not a good value for money. In my opinion, if you want a free solution use WP Fastest Cache free version and that’s it. 

WP Rocket

I’m gonna start by saying I’m a little biased on this subject, first time I’ve used WP Rocket it changed my life 🙂 Remember I said an optimization plugin is a piece of the puzzle? well in our case WP Rocket can be a huge piece. sometimes a lifesaver, the closest thing to an optimization miracle there is.
First of all, you should know it is a paid plugin. Another downside is that it can be overwhelming. A ton of options are provided, furthermore is file permission errors present themselves due to wrong file permission configuration. The user will have to complete a few setting up options manually. Manually means accessing the .htaccess file and pasting code. in addition to that, you will have to perform some more tweaks.
Regardless of those cons, the magic it does worth it all, and it does it so perfectly. As mentioned above, a ton of options are provided. With the right settings, you’re set!
Some of its features, CSS, HTML, JS minification, file combination. caching for mobile & desktop, SUPER-CACHE, Image-optimization, lazy-loading and tons more. This plugin is least expected to break the layout of your site, still, BE CAUTIOUS.
take a look at a little screen from its setting page:
WP Rocket basic settings

WP Rocket db

file optimization

file optimization

Media optimization

wp rocket tools

I will have an extensive guide for tweaking options with WP Rocket. But that is to come in the future 🙂

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WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium: Winner

Finally, in my opinion, WP Rocket takes it by far, no questions asked. Its worth the money and does a spectacular job in its field.
if you want the best optimization for your WordPress website and willing to pay a few bucks, WP Rocket is a must have on each WordPress website.
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Get WP Fastest Cache Premium

WP Rocket Documentation, WP Fastest Cache Documentation.

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