WP Rocket vs Swift Performance: Live Case Study

Hello everyone, for those of you who remember, I recently wrote the Swift Performance vs WP Rocket 2019 article. However, WP Rocket vs Swift Performance vs Swift Performance will be a live case study. Meaning, with comparison results from all major website speed test engines.

In this case study, we will use both plugins on a WordPress Woocommerce website. We will have 3 installations:

Keep in mind, the server is located in Europe, I will conduct all speed tests to European data centers. Finally, here’s the list of Web page speed test tools I will use:

  • Pingdom
  • GT Metrix
  • Web Page Test

So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

WP Rocket vs Swift Performance: Results

I’m going to make this article to the point and as summarized as I can. Each section will be a different Speed Test tool. Moreover, each section will feature 3 snapshots:

  1. Demo website without any optimization.
  2. Website optimized by Swift Performance.
  3. Website optimized by WP Rocket.


As mentioned above, before we compare results, let’s begin by taking a look at the not optimized version result on Pingdom. The test is conducted via n the Germany – Frankfurt data center.

Without Optimization:

WP Rocket vs Swift Performance

Optimized by Swift Performance:

Optimized by swift performance

Optimized by WPRocket:

Optimized by WPRocket

Well, as you can see for yourselves, it appears Swift Performance does a better job according to Pingdom.

Website VersionPerformance GradeLoading TimePage SizeNumber of Requests
Not OptimizedC(72%)4.62s6.6MB277
Optimized By SwiftA(92%)1.03s1.7MB28
Optimized By WPRocket B(83%)1.79s4.9MB183

Feel free to test it out for yourselves, that’s why I provided the links to all test websites at the beginning of this case study. Clearly, by far, Swift Performance wins this round. Let’s move on to GT Metrix.


GTMetrix is a great indicator as well. Hence, we are going to use it too. However, this test is conducted via the London(UK) data center.

Without Optimization:

Swift Performance vs WPRocket

Optimized By Swift Performance:

GT Metrix result by swift

Optimized By WPRocket:

WPRocket wins this round! As we can see from the snapshots taken from GTMetrix, WPRocket seems to do a better job according to it.

Website VersionPageSpeed ScoreYSlow Score Loading TimePage SizeRequests
Not OptimizedF(29%)E(56%)9.6s7.73MB330
Optimized By SwiftC(76%)B(88%)2.4s1.64MB28
Optimized By WPRocket A(98%) A(91%) 1.5s1.29MB29

Now that we got results from two different testing engines, we are tied, 1:1. let’s move on to our final testing engine.

Web Page Test

Moving on to our final test, exciting isn’t it?! let’s begin.

Not optimized:

Swift Performance vs WP Rocket

Optimized by Swift Performance:

Optimized by WPRocket:

A close call

Website VersionFirst ByteTTFB Score Load TimePage SizeRequests
Not Optimized1.54sF7.8s7.73MB330
Optimized By Swift0.502sA(100%)3.1s1.43MB22
Optimized By WPRocket 0.418s A(100%) 2.9s1.31MB27

Well, this one was pretty close, they are almost equally matched according to Web Test Tool. However, it looks like WPRocket barley had the upper hand.

Final Words about the Swift Performance vs WP Rocket Case Study

To sum up, as you can see, both of the plugins perform an outstanding job as a caching solution for WordPress based platforms. However, with that being said, there is a difference. “On paper” looks that in a practical way, WPRocket has 2 wins and Swift has only 1 win. Despite that, I saw that it isn’t only black and white here. From my personal experience, some projects were effected better by Swift Performance, yet others were better suited for WPRocket and had better results.

What I’m trying to say here, don’t just go one way, be mindful and test for the effects of each of them on your projects individually. Sadly, there isn’t one size fits all here. For instance, I personally have a developer license for both of them. I use them both on various projects depending on which one of them has a better effect on the project I’m currently working on. I test them both and then I choose a permanent solution out of both of them.

Finally, I hope you found this Case study useful. If you want to get Swift Performance with my 40% OFF partner discount, visit my official page which holds the coupon: Swift Performance Coupon 2019 40% OFF.

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