WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Match Up

WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Match Up!

Hello to you all WordPress optimization freaks! Welcome to the WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache MatchUp. If you’re here that means you’re into optimization. Nowadays there are endless approaches to building optimize-wise sites. Furthermore, the world of networking and internet grow insanely in the past years. Hence today website speed is critical than ever!
This insane growth provided the need for optimizing websites and web apps. In addition to building the website performance smart, we also need to maintain it that way, preferably for the whole of its lifespan online.
For the reasons above and more, we have several ways of achieving such goals. One of them is by means of a plugin. Be advised, a plugin isn’t going to perform a miracle. It’s only a part of a whole, a piece of the puzzle. Some platforms will be optimized enough by it, some will not. It’s up to us the developers to fill in missing pieces with other methods of optimization.
This guide is just a part of plugin optimization vs matchups.

  1. WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Match-Up  ( You Are Here )
  2. WP Rocket vs W3 Total Cache

UPDATED GUIDE WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Premium Version:  WP Rocket vs Fastest Cache Premium MatchUp
This Guide Is An Opinion- Comparison Guide, Not A Usage Guide.
Without further delay, let’s get started!

WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache

Both are optimization plugins, both do “things”, how do we choose? let’s review an opinion of mine those two.

WP Fastest Cache

A pretty simple plugin. First of all its free, second of all, I find it better suited than its other competitors, W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache.
The basic version provides desktop caching, minifies HTML & CSS, combines CSS &  JS. furthermore, it leverages browser caching.
The premium version extends cashing functionality even more.  features like: widget caching, mobile cache, Async options, image optimization and more.
All in all, it’s cute, not spectacular in my opinion. Many users complain about compatibility, it often breaks the layout of the site. Finally, what I can say from my experience as a developer working with it, if you are fine with ok go for it, if not wait for the next option.
Take a look of some of its options:
WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache

WP Rocket

I’m gonna start by saying I’m a little buyest on this subject, first time I’ve used WP Rocket it changed my life 🙂 Remember I said an optimization plugin is a piece of the puzzle? well in our case WP Rocket can be a huge piece. sometimes a lifesaver, the closest thing to an optimization miracle there is.
First of all, you should know it is a paid plugin. Another downside is that it can be overwhelming. A ton of options are provided, furthermore is file permission errors present themselves due to wrong file permission configuration. The user will have to complete a few setting up options manually. Manually means accessing the .htaccess file and pasting code. in addition to that, you will have to perform some more tweaks.
Regardless of those cons, the magic it does worth it all, and it does it so perfectly. As mentioned above, a ton of options are provided. With the right settings, you’re set!
Some of its features, CSS, HTML, JS minification, file combination. caching for mobile & desktop, SUPER-CACHE, Image-optimization, lazy-loading and tons more. This plugin is least expected to break the layout of your site, still, BE CAUTIOUS.
take a look at a little screen from its setting page:
wp rocket tools
WP Rocket basic settings
WP Rocket db
file optimization
file optimization
Media optimization
I will have an extensive guide for tweaking options with WP Rocket. But that is to come in the future 🙂

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WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache: Winner

Finally, in my opinion, WP Rocket takes it by far, no questions asked. Its worth the money and does a spectacular job at its field.

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Get WP Fastest Cache

WP Rocket Documentation, WP Fastest Cache Documentation.

5 Replies to “WP Rocket vs WP Fastest Cache Match Up”

  • ivan says:

    but you compare the premium plugin with a free plugin 😀 wp fastest cache is free. Why didn’t you compare with the premium version of wp fastestcache

    • Ishay says:

      Hi Ivan, I did reference its premium version in short in the article. Thanks for the feedback on this one, I will make it more comprehensive on FastestCache Premium version. In addition, I will add more info on its premium features.

  • Mix says:

    Thank you Ishay,
    As Ivan said above it will be a fair comparison if you do it either with both free or both paid versions.Apart of it -thank you for the write up.

    • Ishay says:

      Happy too guys 🙂 if there’s something wrong I’m always around, leave a comment or send me a contact message 🙂

  • Distributor Bibit says:

    I dunno more about this, but this is really best I’ve ever heard about WP Rocket..

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